Critical Echo Issue Notification: Over syncs when daylight savings time starts

Identified Issue: An issue has been identified in Echo that results in content synchronized from iManage to another system being over-synced when daylight savings time starts and ends. This results in all iManage documents currently in sync, being re-synced to the target system. Depending on your rule settings, this may result in an extra version or the replacement of the previous version on the target system.

Cause: This occurs because iManage returns the edit time for documents in local time and Echo is not taking this into account when evaluating content updates in iManage.

Resolution: Beginning with Echo version 10.3.14, this issue has been resolved. Echo versions prior to 10.3.14 need to be upgraded to ensure this issue doesn’t occur.  

* You can access the updated version of Echo 10.3.14 here.

Upgrade Notes:

It is recommended that CIS be upgraded to the latest version when doing the Echo upgrade. CIS version 10.4.2 is available here.

When upgrading from a previous version of Echo to 10.3.13 or higher, a calibration of the system will need to be performed immediately following the upgrade. Failure to properly perform the re-calibration will result in all content will being re-synced after the upgrade to 10.3.13 or later. If upgrading from Echo 10.3.13, calibration is not needed. The high-level steps for upgrading to Echo 10.3.13 or higher (only from a version older than 10.3.13) are as follows:

  • Ensure all content is in sync with the current Echo deployment.
  • Suspend all rules so they don’t sync during the upgrade process and before they have been re-calibrated. Individual rules can be suspended by highlighting the rule and clicking “Suspend” from the “Rule” menu. Multiple rules can be suspended by selecting multiple rules and clicking “Suspend” from the “Rule” > “Batch” menu.
  • Stop the SeeUnity Core Integration Server (CIS) service (either in services or through the Server Management Studio).
  • Upgrade to Echo 10.3.13 or higher.
  • Start the CIS service.
  • Put all iManage end-points in calibrate mode (see instructions below).
  • Resume all rules (Rule > Resume for single rules or Rule > Batch > Resume for multiple rules).
  • Let the rules process on their current schedules or run them manually
    • The first time they run after being placed in calibrate mode, no updates will be made in the target system. This will simply convert all times stored in the Echo database into UTC time for proper evaluation going forward.
    • The second time the rule runs, content will be updated and processing will be returned to normal operation.

To put the iManage end-points in calibrate mode follow these steps:

  1. Open the calibration utility in Echo Management Studio by selecting “Tools” > “Manage Endpoints...” > Select an iManage end-point > “Utilities”.
  2. Click "Recalibrate".
  3. Repeat these steps for all other iManage end-points defined in your Echo system.

As always, it is strongly recommend the upgrade and subsequent processes be tested out in a development environment and with a subset of test rules before rolling out sweeping changes to the entire production system. It is also recommend that a backup of the SeeUnity database is taken before the upgrade and re-calibration actions are taken.


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